about charity

Imam Ali charity in NGO status with the permission of the ministry of the
interior  from  1373   registered to number 9971  Began its activities  and with the Aim of House hold supervisor a  Empowering women and their support by family members in Tehran and countryside.
This charity  worked the more your gold from 1385  motivated preventing rural  migration to The big cities and the elimination of poverty and exclusion in disadvantaged areas according to the needs of villagers in four areas : health , sanitation , education, employment, development and prosperity of rural housing.
 The results  of  the  researches efforts of the charity during its activities
to a comprehensive plan  to achieve sustainable rural development this model can be used As model at the international level.
Now Imam Ali charity  with the ministry of  interior  license is active at the national level that abstract our success over the year is asfollows:
-Empowering female heads of households and their support to access education and economic and socialrights.
- Providing  facilities and create the  cultural background, the health, the sanitary services, Training, Family, Social, Legal, Employment and marriage.
- Supporting the talent students of needy families for promote scientific and social students in position of   Tehran  and Southern  Khorasan .
-Devising  and  implementing  a  acomprehensive  model  of empowerment less developed villages of south Khorasan and registration effect with the name and  the release of the model to executive directors in order to elimination  deprivation.
-Relation with non-governmental organizations and national  and international NGO,s exchanging experiences and creating   facilities for the development of enterprises and invitation to join institution empower deprived areas.
- Participation in UN  conference on social development. In Switzerland as examples charity.
- Selected as examples charity at the halgheorjan festival and appreciation
From president  of  The Islamic Republic of Iran.
-Selected  as examples charity in Halghe-Orjan  festival and receive statue in 1390.
- Manufacturing housing for needy in Tehran Province and received quality certificates
From (IRSQ)
     Obtaining a sample charity in developmentvillages and appreciation from-
President  of the Islamic Republic of Iran.